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“Orphanage Mops” courtesy of Oreo Photography

About Us

We are a small, family owned and operated, publishing company. We are looking to give our efforts to authors so that readers may read.

We are currently publishing on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and Google Books. We are exploring ways to sustainably publish hard-copies utilizing plastics.


Learn about our authors. Receive a gift.

Recent Events

Exploring the trails left by old poets.

Spending time with some of our authors.

Coming soon…

Our Wick House Publishing online store is a place where readers can get closer to the literature. Because our authors are from a range of cultures and locations, we thought it would be fun to give readers a chance to receive items that were a part of the inspiration for the author’s literature. You can purchase eBooks, relics, and personalized writings from certain authors. Enjoy what we hope to give!

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Wick House Publishing
1443 Bubbling Brook Ct., Fort Collins, CO 80521


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